Loans quickly without collateral and guarantors



Having reviewed the comparative table on the Petruchio website, each visitor will be able to find current offers from credit companies for which the provision of collateral is not required. Without collateral, consumer small and quick loans are most often issued, which fundamentally distinguishes them from a mortgage or car leasing, in which the provision of collateral is required.

From the advantage of unsecured loans, namely the lack of the need to provide a pledged item to a credit institution, their disadvantage also arises – a higher interest rate. Indeed, with collateral lending, the lender insures himself with pledged property. While with unsecured lending there is no such insurance. Thus, the credit companies have no choice but to insure themselves by raising the interest rate, making unsecured loans less profitable for the borrower.

Now consider the main advantages and disadvantages of loans without collateral in more detail.

Pros and cons of loans without collateral

Pros and cons of loans without collateral

The most important advantages of these loans are:

  1. Exceptional privacy. Unlike targeted collateral loans, here you will not need to explain to anyone for what purposes you need money. For a credit institution, it will be important only to timely repay the debt in full, and nothing more. With regard to security loans, you will have to inform the bank about each stage of the purchase of a car or apartment. Few people will like it, besides, considering that you will not only have to report every step, but also justify it in detail.
  2. Efficiency Between submitting a loan application and receiving money into the account, a minimum of time passes. At the same time, unsecured loans are deprived of lengthy approvals and estimates of the value of collateralized property, which also saves a lot of time and effort. As a rule, the provision of credit funds for unsecured loans is carried out on the day of applying for a loan. Only in some very rare cases does the process last for a couple of days. Due to this feature, loans without collateral are some of the most popular in the world, because money is often needed not just urgently, but very urgently.
  3. High availability. If the client must incur expenses associated with the assessment of collateral, notarization of the contract and other costs, then applying for a loan without collateral, he gets rid of all these points, and the process of obtaining a loan without collateral is simpler and the final cost is less.

As for the shortcomings of loans without collateral, these include:

  1. High interest rate. Unlike collateral loans, where a credit institution receives property guarantees for the conscientious fulfillment of its obligations by the borrower, it does not have such guarantees when issuing loans without collateral, and therefore the rate on these loans is higher. By increasing the interest rate, the company insures the high risks of non-repayment by the client of credit debt.
  2. Not the highest loan amounts. The maximum loan amount without collateral is 15 thousand dollars. You can borrow a large amount only on the security of property, there can be no other options. Amounts of 15 thousand dollars may be enough to cover current needs, but if we consider the purchase of a property or the purchase of a new car, this will be clearly not enough, so in such situations it is better to opt for a loan on bail.

It is generally accepted that only real estate or a vehicle should act as collateral, but this is not entirely true. Also, many lending companies accept securities and items, as well as sureties, as collateral. When applying for a housing loan, they often use the special application, thanks to which you can quickly find a profitable loan on conditions that suit the client.

In what situations is an unsecured loan the best solution?

In what situations is an unsecured loan the best solution?

It makes sense to take a loan without collateral when you have a small enough amount of money to accomplish your goals and objectives. In addition, this loan will be a real salvation if the potential borrower does not have the opportunity to pledge property, or if he does not have the desire to risk his property. It is no secret that our life often brings us unpleasant surprises and is unpredictable. If today you have a permanent job and stable earnings, this does not mean that after a couple of weeks or months the situation will not change. Here in such cases it is better to bet on a loan without collateral.

Cheap loan with a bailiff where can I get?

Credits and loans with a bailiff

Credits and loans with a bailiff

Loans for indebted people are undoubtedly one of the more complex and sensitive issues. Most often, we are convinced that having a debt collection on our bank account, by definition we will not have access to any forms of loan and credit services.

Fortunately, the reality is a bit more complicated than its theoretical models and it often turns out that even if we have problems with a bailiff, we will be able to get a loan from a non-bank company and sometimes even a bank loan.

However, it should be remembered that a loan with a bailiff very rarely belongs to the so-called the basic offer of the institution. What does this mean in practice? Much will depend on the individual assessment of our person and our creditworthiness, e.g. by a bank or a loan company.

So where exactly can you look for solutions such as loans with a bailiff? What to consider when choosing a specific offer and what to look for when analyzing the regulations and the method of operation of a given entity? Let’s take a closer look at this issue and try to answer the above questions.

Loan with a bailiff

Loan with a bailiff

As a rule, loan institutions (not to be confused with so-called parabanks) do not grant loans to persons with bailiff seizure. There are quite a few exceptions to this rule. When looking for a loan company that can grant us a loan, we should pay attention primarily to the following factors:

  • The presence in the company’s regulations of information on the possibility of granting a loan to a customer who has debt collection. Often, this type of information is not provided directly, but, for example, by ensuring “an individual and flexible approach to each client”. Of course, in such a situation we cannot be sure that the loan will be granted to us, but in theory such a possibility exists.
  • Debtor databases checked by the loan institution. There are no loan companies on the market that do not check the debtors’ databases at all. However, the individual policies of individual companies can differ significantly in this matter. Some of the non-bank entities check, for example, almost all databases, including BIK. Others, in turn, limit themselves to checking, for example, KRD.

    So let’s carefully read the regulations of a given loan company and find out in which databases we will be checked. Of course, we will also need knowledge about the databases of our debtors and which we are not present in.

  • The loan amount can be withdrawn via the GIRO check. This is an extremely important issue, because having bailiff seizure, any amount that goes to our account as part of the loan, will probably be “looted” by the bailiff. The option of paying out the loan via a GIRO check will allow us to bypass the banking circuit.

However, as has already been mentioned, payday loans with debt collectors usually belong to the so-called optional loan institutions.

This means that, firstly, the final decision to grant us a loan will be conditioned by an individual assessment of our financial situation by the loan company.

Secondly , we can expect to be asked to provide additional documentation that will allow the lender to better understand our financial position.

Loan for those in debt with a bailiff?

Loan for those in debt with a bailiff?

If we have problems with a bailiff, obtaining a loan from a bank will probably prove extremely difficult or even impossible.

In some cases, however, even this obstacle can be overcome. Similarly, however, as is the case with lending institutions, the final decision will depend on the assessment of our financial capabilities.

We should also not count on the fact that the bank will offer us a loan for those in debt with a bailiff on standard terms.

Almost certainly, the possibility of obtaining a loan will be conditioned by either joining another person’s loan, i.e. someone who eats our loan, or we will have to decide, for example, on a loan against the property we own.

It should be borne in mind that a person with bailiff seizure is automatically perceived by the bank as a high-risk client .

In practice, this will result in the fact that a loan for those in debt with a bailiff will prove to be a viable option only if the bank obtains additional security for the money borrowed to us, for example in the form of a pledge of our property or a guarantee from another person joining the loan.

Unfortunately, when borrowing at the bank, we will not be able to use the option to withdraw the loan via a GIRO check. The money we borrow will go to our bank account, which means that they will automatically be subject to seizure by a bailiff, of course only up to the amount of debt we have.

Private loans

Private loans

Another option for loans with a bailiff is, of course, private loans. Their advantage is undoubtedly the relatively easy accessibility: usually even a negative credit history and having debt will not result in losing the possibility of borrowing money in this way.


Private loans, as far as commercial loans are concerned, will prove to be much more expensive than a bank loan or a loan from a loan institution. In addition, we can expect that a private lender, knowing about our financial situation, can offer us a loan on less favorable financial terms or require us to provide additional collateral for the loan.

An alternative when it comes to commercial private loans for debtors with a bailiff may be a private loan from family or friends.

What should be remembered?

Each loan is a civil law transaction under Polish law. This means that when borrowing privately, we have an obligation to draw up a loan agreement, and if the loan amount exceeds the ceiling of $ 9,637 – to inform about the fact of taking out the loan of the Tax Office and submitting the PCC-3 declaration.

Failure to comply with these obligations may result in a fine and the Tax Office will charge us 20% tax on the loan amount, while the base interest rate on private loans is currently 0.5%.

Legal basis: Act of 9 September 2000 on tax on civil law transactions, Journal of Laws 2000 No. 86 item 959.

What else should be remembered?

What else should be remembered?

When looking for solutions such as loans for those in debt with a bailiff, we should bear in mind the fact that, under Polish law, any concealment of property from a bailiff is a criminal offense. 

Who, in order to thwart the execution of a decision of a court or other state authority, thwarts or reduces the satisfaction of his creditor by removing, concealing, disposing of, donating, destroying, actually or apparently encumbering or damaging components of his property seized or threatened with attachment, or removes marks attachment, subject to imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years

Of course, in the case of e.g. private loans or non-bank loans with the option of paying via a GIRO check, the detection rate of this type of activity is very low.

Nevertheless, it is theoretically possible that our attempt to “bypass” the bailiff will leave some trace that the bailiff will encounter, which will mean bringing us to criminal liability.

If the amount of the bailiff’s seizure is relatively small, the best option will be to contact the bailiff to, for example, spread your debt in installments.

In some cases, we will also be able to use the option of consumer bankruptcy. Sometimes it’s really worth considering one of these two options first instead of making another financial commitment.

Tip : if the bailiff takes up your bank account, which will receive money from the loan, then you have a bank that the bailiff will take that amount from. So it’s best to use local loan companies (money in hand) and loan companies where you bring the loan home, or a GIRO check, which will help you collect the loan amount at the post office.

Microloans on the card at any time of the day or night

The credit sector, unlike banks, is regulated by other provisions – the Civil Code and the Law on Consumer Lending. They are more free, less restrictive and, importantly, they open the way for obtaining loans for a much wider group of consumers. That is why microloans on the card are increasingly being offered on Internet services.

Microloan at night and on weekends

Microloan  at night and on weekends


A loan online around the clock or the so-called microloans is an excellent solution for those who suddenly find themselves in a difficult financial situation. Many companies offer microloans online, working 24 hours a day, even on weekends. If we need a microloan around the clock, you should choose the best offer.

Keep in mind that all companies have a different customer credit check system. Therefore, if one company refused to grant you a card loan, it is worth making a microloan in the next company. Very often, borrowers receive loans only in the third or fourth company. Some 24-hour companies provide loans without checking their credit history, making loans available online (even at night). A microloan for a card around the clock is a service that is becoming increasingly popular in our country.


What to do if we don’t have enough money and you don’t have time to apply for a loan with a microloan bank card can be a good solution. This is the best solution if you do not want to get confused in obtaining a bank loan. Loan online for a card around the clock, is a popular loan product, is a good solution for people who do not want to borrow and repay their contributions on time. They just want to borrow a small amount of money quickly, and then quickly return it with a small percentage.

Sometimes situations arise when you need a quick loan on the card around the clock. Or we need additional funds on weekends, late in the evening or at night. Most credit companies then do not function. However, some of them automated the process of applying for a loan. and offer microloans on the card 24/7. Due to this, they offer loans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as on weekends. This is an ideal solution for people who need to pay a loan right away.

Microloans around the clock

Microloans  around the clock


Companies that provide loans online 24 hours a day are growing day by day. This is a very quick and convenient option for both customers and lenders. Because a 24-hour payday loan does not require high creditworthiness. Many companies often do not even check their clients at the Credit Information Bureau, so these are so-called payday loans without a credit history.

Looking back at microloans on a card, it is worth choosing proven tools to compare selected offers. This not only saves time comparing different offers, but also gives you the option of choosing between reliable lenders only. You can also enable the filtering of information that interests you the most.

Analyzing the rating of microloans, presented on the comparison site, it is worth indicating the main parameters that are fundamentally important for the borrower. The repayment term is also extremely important, that is, the time allotted for the full repayment of the loan.

For some people, a month may not be enough to pay off a loan. In this situation, it is worth taking a closer look at lenders offering payday loans for a longer repayment period, for example, for 2 or 3 months. Many lenders, of course, offer the service of extending the day of repayment of a microloan, but you must remember that this entails additional costs.

Other important information about loans is the question of the first free loan and additional costs. A free loan is very convenient – it exempts from any additional fees that increase the cost of the loan. They are not a source of income for credit companies, but many offer the first time a new client contacts the company to interest them.

Get a loan secured by land


Today, the polarity is used by the service – a loan secured by a plot of land. Indeed, it is quite problematic for a modern person to take a loan to expand his own business or to open it. Banking institutions are reluctant to issue cash loans to people with a negative credit history and one source of income. The conditions for obtaining a financial loan in the country are fundamentally different from the conditions in the state.

How and where to get a loan secured by land?

How and where to get a loan secured by land?

In the absence of alternative sources of income and urgent need in a large sum of money, the best option would be to obtain a loan, leaving a piece of land as an object of a guarantor of a refund. Company provides transparent conditions for cooperation. They cooperate with us for a number of reasons:

  • minimum interest rate on a loan;
  • loan extension options;
  • maximum loan up to 10 million dollar;
  • minimum package of documentation provided by the borrower;
  • customer loyalty.

To order a loan for land , it is enough to contact our company for help and provide a passport of a citizen of the country, TIN, as well as a certificate stating that the land is in your possession. Even when a loan agreement is signed, the land will remain in your property and can be used for its intended purpose.

A modern loan secured by land in the region is a quick and profitable opportunity to receive a sum of money. The company provides the borrower with up to 85% of the amount of the estimated land. Land valuation is free of charge by our experts. A loan secured by a share of the land is issued by us even if you have an unfavorable credit history. This is our main advantage over other financial institutions, including banks.

Application submit your application

Application submit your application

Send an application right now and our consultant will contact you and tell you the conditions for obtaining a loan. Check out our fast, easy, and simple ways to apply for a cash loan to help you choose the option that suits you! The approval is as fast as 1 minute!

Today money on account – instant loan online

If you are looking for a vacation, a new car, an account and debt settlement, or any other financial need due, an instant loan will help you quickly and directly. We will show you today how to delete your Credit bureau entry and thus increase your credit rating: Open on Saturdays, but not all banks work on Saturdays, ie the money can only be credited to the account on Monday. But when does the salary slip have to be visible on your account at the latest? The date of receipt of payment is specified in the employment contract, which is also binding for the employer and must be adhered to punctually.

Payroll: If your money needs to be in your account.

Payroll: If your money needs to be in your account.

Salaries of employees are usually allocated at the end of the month. But when does the salary slip need to be visible on your account? The date of receipt of payment is specified in the contract of employment, which is also binding for the client and must be adhered to in good time. The salary slip is the moment the money arrives on your account.

The employer is required to reimburse you for the payment on time and in full. The vast majority of employees receive their income at the end of the month, in individual cases, but also in the middle of the month or even as a weekly wage. In principle, the client only has to pay you money when you provide a service for it.

This means that you pay in advance for each new order, as your money is not repaid until the end of the month. In individual cases, you can also conclude another agreement with your client. As a rule, however, the client arranges the payment so early that the corresponding amount of money is available to you on the first day of the following month.

However, you have the right to have your income at the end of the month or the first day of the following month in your account. If this is not the case, you can rightly complain to your client and ask for a punctual payment. If the delay is not the responsibility of the principal but of the principal bank, he can not be held liable.

Borrow money today

Borrow money today

Borrowing money quickly becomes a crucial element in daily business as soon as your own financial resources become scarcer. With this little guide to the keyword “borrow money today” you solve the whole thing and shows ways and countermeasures. Is the topic of conversation once on the program, it is usually very up to date.

If money is required, it is best today or in the days to come. Basically, there are several ways to borrow money. As a rule, the bank needs a certain lead time and many documents that have to be submitted. It’s also not so easy to go to the counselor because he usually needs accurate information about why you need money.

The easiest way is to borrow money over the net. Often, the money is awarded within one working day after receipt of all required documents. Borrowing is often very important to the foundation. The easiest way is to compare the different lenders via the entry mask. 4. In the overview you can see the special credit banks and the conditions on which the money is borrowed, as well as the monthly installments.

After all, of course, it is up to you where and how you lend the money.

Multiple Borrower Credit | What are the requirements

Taking out a loan involves various requirements and sometimes inconvenience. Because not only the borrower’s credit rating has to be right. He must also be aware that taking out a loan costs money. Not in the form of a fee that must be paid directly to the bank when borrowing. However, in the form of interest payments and “hidden” costs and fees, all of which are reflected in the effective interest and are added to the actual repayment amount each month.

Many borrowers do not notice how expensive their loan is. Only when the interest is shown individually will you notice the cost of the loan. It is relatively easy to influence these costs yourself and to keep them at a low level. First, by selecting the right loan with the help of a loan calculator. And on the other hand, through the generation of a particularly good credit rating, which persuades the banks to offer particularly cheap loans. You can have a good credit rating if you take out the loan with several borrowers.

What does a loan with several borrowers bring?

What does a loan with several borrowers bring?

A loan with multiple borrowers has several key advantages. On the one hand, the burden of the loan and thus the debt associated with it rests on several shoulders. If you only have one borrower, the borrower has to take care that every month all liabilities relating to the loan are paid on time. On the other hand, if you have a loan with several borrowers, several people have to take care of paying the debt. This reduces the debt burden for each individual and is much easier to bear.

On top of that, every bank is happy when a loan with several borrowers needs to be requested and taken out. Because the bank also benefits from the borrowers. For them, the risk of default on repayment is reduced, which is very much rewarded with special loan offers. This not only cuts interest rates. The term and the loan amount can also be designed much more individually for several borrowers. Loans with a particularly long term or a very high loan amount are much easier to obtain with several borrowers than if a single borrower wants to take out such a loan.

Who is suitable as an additional borrower?

Who is suitable as an additional borrower?

If the main borrower is married or in a stable and stable relationship, the bank will always first inquire about the spouse or life partner as the second borrower. It is considered the safest additional borrower and provides the bank and the main borrower with the best options for hedging.

If a life partner or spouse is not available or if they do not have a good credit rating, another person can also act as an additional borrower. It would always be important for both borrowers to be close, trust and communicate well with one another. Because both are fully liable for the loan and must stand up for it if the loan is not repaid. Therefore, the constellation should always be chosen with great care and frivolous decisions avoided.